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TON News

OMG it's Type O news...*dies* is something JOhnny posted in his fan club...check it out:

It has been pretty quiet around here lately. There really isn't too much to write about lately. The bands are quiet this month. Getting ready to start working on the next Type O cd. We're also waiting for some news about a possible Halloween tour. However, nothing is confirmed yet. I have my fingers crossed though. Earls Court has taken the rest of the summer off. No shows this month with Happenin Harry. I may be going to Chicago with him in September. I have been busy recording with Kenny and Rob and the songs are really starting to come together. We're hoping to have it all together in the next month or so. I think that people are really going to be impressed. Kenny has been killing himself screaming his ass off doing vocals the past week. I'm waiting for my new 26" kick drum to be delievered for my Pearl Masterworks green sparkle kit. Other than that, I've just been trying to enjoy summer and spending lots of time with Sophia. I added a pic of the two of us from my cousins wedding a couple of weeks ago. Sophia was the flower girl. I put the pic in the baby photo album. She's growing up too fast. Talk to you soon.

Johnny - via: Johnny Kelly Fan Club :)


Added some avatars I made to the site also. You can check em out here.

Hopefully more stuff coming soon. WOOHOO! :)

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Cross posted like a biatch! :)~
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